We’re recruiting! Common Cause Foundation Coordinator at Manchester Museum


Interested in working on the Courtyard Project? Here’s a great chance to join us at Manchester Museum and to also work with our friends at the rather marvellous Common Cause Foundation.

Manchester Museum and Common Cause Foundation are going to be working together on a piece of work linked to the Courtyard Project – exploring what people of the North West value and what this might mean to a future Manchester Museum.

We are recruiting a part time post, based mainly in the Museum – below are some more details and click here to go to the person specification and University of Manchester’s online application system.

Common Cause Foundation Coordinator at Manchester Museum

We want the Greater Manchester region to be one in which people know and appreciate what matters to fellow citizens – where people feel part of their wider community and are motivated to help change this for the better. Building understanding and appreciation of the shared human values that people hold to be important seems more crucial than ever.You will join Manchester Museum’s award winning Learning and Engagement team during an exciting period of change and redevelopment. In this post, you will help to drive forward the Museum’s new vision to become a Museum for Life, as part of the Courtyard Redevelopment. You will co-ordinate the Museum’s collaboration with Common Cause Foundation, working to place the Museum at the heart of a new and vibrant public debate about what matters to people across the Greater Manchester region, and why.Located in the Museum, you will work closely with curatorial and other Museum staff, to interpret and animate the collections in ways that stimulate visitors’ exploration of what they value, and what others value. Your work within this role will also take you outside the Museum. You will collaborate with community groups, government, business, media and educational organisations to create and facilitate new networks to broaden this debate. Your work will help to strengthen community feeling, will deepen people’s commitment to become involved in driving positive social and environmental change, and will foster greater wellbeing across the Greater Manchester region.You will have significant experience of convening, co-ordinating and sustaining networks of diverse people; great communication skills; and recent experience of developing resources for use with public audiences, ideally in a museum context.





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