Volunteer’s Week Celebration

Our volunteers are a huge part of our community at Manchester Museum. They can be seen out on the galleries engaging excited families and behind the scenes, helping us to keep everything in working order. No project at the Museum could go ahead without our volunteers being a central part of it and sharing their opinions and ideas with us. In a timely fashion, we had a great event today for our Volunteer’s Week celebration, which gave us a chance to get lots of people together. With a number of our volunteers in one room, it seemed the right time to get up to speed on the Courtyard Project. Nick set the scene  – giving everyone a chance to see the plans and understand where the new building would be situated.

Director Nick updating volunteers on our plans for the Courtyard extension
After that Andrea (Community Engagement), Kate (Volunteer Coordinator) and I started some conversations – we were keen to hear more about what our volunteers gain from their time at Manchester Museum and the answers were really heart warming – friendships, meeting likeminded people, sharing their knowledge and expertise –  exactly the kind of brilliant outcomes we want to see flourish as the Museum develops.

We also did some thinking about how our volunteers wanted to be consulted throughout the development process and what methods were best for them – we know everyone generously gives their time to us and it’s really important that we are able to engage people in a way that works for them – whether that be email updates, group sessions or face to face chats.

Manchester Museum wouldn’t be the place it is today without our volunteers and it certainly couldn’t grow in size without their vital contributions. It was a great way to end a week to start thinking about the Courtyard Project with everyone and a very fitting part of the Volunteer’s Week celebrations – a huge thank you to everyone who volunteers in whatever capacity in the Museum – you make a massive difference to the organisation and we couldn’t do it without you.

Arnold and his group – making the activity look really fun!

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