All Staff Day

And so we begin….to kick off four years of redevelopment, we had an all staff half day on Monday 6th June. It was a jam-packed afternoon of activities, led by our Director Nick Merriman, setting the scene for the Courtyard Project and getting everyone up to speed on where we are now and what we are planning for the future.

All staff day group copy

Susie from Modern Designers then took over for a great session on branding, which helped us to think about what makes a successful brand and how we currently communicate about the Museum.

Henry (our Head of Collections) and I then led an activity – based on some excellent work done by  Common Cause Foundation  – that explored what our personal values are and also the values we think our visitors associate with the Museum. It was a really insightful piece of work that helped us to capture the variety of views. This is just the start of our programme of consultation, as we continue to explore what the future Manchester Museum will be like.

We don’t often get a chance to get together as a whole Museum team but it makes for highly enjoyable meetings when we can – helped by an amazing lunch from our cafe, Teacup – The Cafe at the Museum and copious quantities of cake (always guaranteed to keep people interested!). We also thought this was a good chance to take a photograph of staff at the beginning of the project (as ever with these kind of pictures, not everyone was there on the day), in what is currently our Courtyard. It’ll be interesting to look back on this in a few years time to see what has changed!

All staff waving full



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